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The Surprising Fact I Discovered About Most Prenatal Vitamins You Need To Know
  • Posted on 9/15/2015 at 4:11 pm.
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  • Confession time: I’m addicted to searching the internet for information about health and diet.  And I don’t mean just reading blogs and forums.  
  • I’m talking about searching on Google Scholar and reading entire studies in medical journals - wherever I can find out the most current scientific facts.
  • And guess what?  A few weeks ago, while doing a late night search about my prenatal vitamins, I happened upon a discovery that completely made up for the fact that I was up at 2:30 am and my alarm was set for 6.


    I didn’t know it, but I was about to embark on an educational journey - one that would have me cursing my OB,

but ultimately led me to a surprising discovery that would help my baby avoid developmental problems and improve his lifelong health.


I will get to that surprising discovery, of course.  But first, the awful advice from my OB.


Most pregnant women get a prenatal supplement recommended from their doctor and assume they’re covered, including me.

Most people, including doctors, are led to believe that if a woman takes any prenatal vitamin, her baby will be protected from birth defects. I blindly believed this too.

But as I immersed myself in online research, I discovered that not all prenatal vitamins are created equal.


Most importantly, your prenatal vitamin should not be made with synthetic ingredients.  Synthetic ingredients defeat the entire purpose of supplementation and can do harm.


Here’s where my research brought me to the edge of my seat: nearly everyone has heard that pregnant women should take folic acid to prevent birth defects.  What they haven’t heard is that folic acid is synthetic and that only a small percentage of folic acid converts to the active form in our bodies, which is called folate.  To make matters worse, 60% of people have a genetic variation (called MTHFR) that prevents them from absorbing folic acid and converting it into folate.  

Folate is SO important.  It activates and repairs DNA. It protects your baby from neural tube defects - like spina bifida, skeletal deformities, anemia, lung, kidney and heart underdevelopment, and brain deformities.  


But it your prenatal vitamin has folic acid -  which is synthetic - your baby is at higher risk for neural tube defects and preterm labor.1

When I read that, I freaked out. I ran to my kitchen to look at my prenatal vitamin supplement facts. 

Indeed, mine had folic acid - one of the most important ingredients in a prenatal vitamin, and it was synthetic!  I tossed the bottle in the trash and went back to my computer, determined to find a prenatal vitamin that had folate, not folic acid.

It didn’t take long for me to find several articles that listed L-methylfolate as the most absorbable form of folate, and the only form that should be taken.²

Okay, so now I knew I needed a prenatal vitamin with L-methylfolate. Where would one find that? 

I knew from the previous experience that it probably wouldn’t be from my OB.  So I looked at the latest product from a company called Best Nest Wellness.

Their prenatal vitamin is called BEST Prenatal™ Vitamin. There are several things that make their prenatal vitamin way better than the junk vitamin I had been taking (and most prenatals on the market).  First, it’s a one-a-day, so no more struggling in my busy day to take 6-8 pills.  It’s also 100% natural, whole food based, and non-GMO.  

But most importantly, it is one of the only one-a-day prenatal vitamins with L-methylfolate.  800 mcg to be exact, which is 100% of the daily recommended value.  

Upon taking BEST Prenatal™ Vitamin (which I got with this coupon code), I immediately felt confident that I made the right choice for my baby.  After a few weeks I have no nausea or upset stomach, which I occasionally got taking my previous prenatal vitamins.  I also have so much more energy that I can actually get through my day without my previously needed nap.  In fact, I have to take the tablet in the morning so I won’t be wired at night.³

For what it’s worth, it’s not just me who thinks that BEST Prenatal™ Vitamin is the best one-a-day prenatal vitamin out there.

Amazon customers give them 5 stars!  They also give a great free pregnancy health eBook with your purchase and have amazing customer service.  They answer emails quickly, and even got on the phone with me to answer a specific question I had.

If BEST Prenatal™ Vitamin doesn’t work out for you, there’s a 100% money back guarantee, so you don’t have to worry. And as I’m sure you care about your baby, you will consider it the best money spent.  

Update: The awesome team at Best Nest Wellness is extending an exclusive limited-time offer to our readers. Follow this link to get 20% off a 3 month supply of BEST Prenatal™ Vitamin (normally $34.99)!


Follow this link to get 20% off a 3 month supply of BEST Prenatal™ Vitamin.


²Comparison of the effect of low-dose supplementation with L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate or folic acid on plasma homocysteine: a randomized placebo-controlled study,” Bernard J Venn, Timothy J Green, Rudolf Moser, and Jim I Mann, American Journal for Clinical Nutrition, March 2003, vol. 77, no. 3, pp. 658-662.

³ Individual results may vary.